Diriliş Ertuğrul (Eurtugrul Ghazi) TV serial characters Eurtugrul and Sungurtekin (Sarim) story in drama and their personal

Diriliş Ertuğrul (Eurtugrul Ghazi) TV serial characters Eurtugrul and Sungurtekin (Sarim) story in drama and their personal life:             

Ertugrul Ghazi is a famous TV serial that was published by PTV, break all records in the drama history,dubbed from a turkish drama Diriliş Ertuğrul. This is a warrior’s story a true historical story about a character Eurtugrul who was the son of Suleman Shah the leader of Kayi Obasi tribe and the father of Osman which built the famous Ottoman Empire. The story begins with a fight between Christians and Muslims where Ertugrul helps some unknown people he killed Christian soldiers and saved their lives and also sheltered them, as a result, his tribe and his family faced too many problems but he did not lose hope and fought for the future of his tribe, at last, he won by attacking and killing all the Christians who tried to fade their names in the books of history, in the end, he married that woman which he saved in the beginning and unexpectedly he found that she was a princess who have faced difficulties in her life,and love him so much .This story continues and there are 5 seasons of this series telecasted on the Turkish TV.

The lead role in this drama was Ertugrul who played by Engin Altan Düzyatan a Turkish actor. 

Personal life

He was born on 26 July 1979 in Karsiyaka Izmir  Turkey. He began acting during his high school days because he loved acting he joined Dokuz university to study theatre he initially wanted to be a theatre actor. He completed his course and moved to Istanbul where he started his career as an actor he made his debut in Ruhsar from 2014-2019 he mostly works as a sporting role in various dramas when he played the role of Ertugrul he became famous and become a star.
He married on 28 august 2014 with Neslisah Alkoclar and had a son born on 9 January 2016 and a daughter Alara in 2018

In 2020 Pakistan's president struggled hard to published this drama on PTV in Urdu dubbing after publishing this drama they got a huge response in the positive way people became a die-hard fan of Engin Altan .After getting so much lovely response from the Pakistani peoples' Engin  thanks to people and promised that they will come to Pakistan soon. Here is the video link in which he thanks to Pakistani people for great love. 

Sungurtekin (SARIM) was the elder brother of Ertugrul who came in 2 season who was also a great warrior. Everybody thought that he was dead by Mongols but he was alive. He returned after the death of his father Suleman Shah. He was a spy of Sultan Aloud Din and he Communicatory of Mongols he always helped Ertugrul but he and his other brother Gundogdu separated from Ertugrul due to some disputes and left Ertugrul. According to him, he is saving the future of tribe Kayi Obasi but in history, we did not found any further information about him although he was a great warrior too like his brother he just wanted peace for his tribe that’s why he separated from the Ertugrul because he thought that Ertugrul was the reasons of all the hardships that his tribe faces. Ertugrul path was full of fight but his brother wanted to live peacefully they migrated towards Ahlat while Ertugrul was going to an Asian Minor. His grave is in Mardin a southwest Turkish city he had no children and had never get married.
The role of Sungurtekin (SARIM) played by a Turkish actor and model Sezgin Erdemir 

Personal life

He was born on 12 January 1976 in Istanbul. He was a basketball player a Turkish player. he graduated from Akdeniz university of tourism. He acted in series My Coach and became famous.    
He also appeared in many films, after too many series he plays the role of Sungurtekin (Sarim) and became the star because of his acting.
                  After the Dirilis Ertugrul drama, he came into a movie Turks
Are Coming
He is still single not married yet and also he didn’t share any personal pictures on
his Instagram or any other social media account. Here is the link of his
                   Instagram account where he is posting his recent photos.

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